Geothermal in Iceland vs New Zealand

Sigurdur, I always enjoy reading your Iceland-related stories and aspirations especially I have lived in New Zealand for six years and that Iceland shares many similarities with New Zealand. For example, distant, island nations with remote, beautiful landscapes, snow-capped mountains, the unique smoking volcanoes, geysers, mud pools, turquoise lakes, black sand beaches, millions of sheep…and importantly both countries are world’s top ten producer and user of geothermal energy while deriving more than 10% of their electricity from geothermal sources.

I recently read the “Uses of Geothermal Energy in Food and Agriculture Opportunities for Developing Countries” report produced by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 2015. Very interesting to learn that Iceland bas been using geothermal heat or other clean energy resources for “drying” of food (for over four decades) to utilise commercially food that is currently either thrown away or spoiled due to lack of suitable storage facilities. And “drying” of food could increase the availability of food by upto 20%!

Your work is amazing! If the Iceland experience can be applied elsewhere in the world, multiple SDGs can be addressed concurrently. 

On the subject of indoor farming, I have been following the development of AeroFarms in New Jersey in the US, arguably one of the world’s largest indoor farm. According to a CNN article in 2016, I learnt that AeroFarms will use 95% less water than a conventional outdoor farm. It also combines a technique called “aeroponics” with big data mining, which will help this modern farm figure out optimal conditions for growth.

Look forward to hearing more successful stories on Indoor farming from Iceland!

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